THIS is very important to me, I appreciate you so much. Please read. It will only take a minute of your time.


I wish there was a way for me to explain the friendships I’ve built in real life because of this website. I will sort of get to the point. I do not like asking for things. Especially individually to each person. I recently became resistant to treatment that I had been on since I was 19 years old…

PLEASE READ about Ambur’s Health fund and living with a rare illness. I’m Nicole and I’ll be trying to take over this blog while Ambur has taken a break due to her cancer worsening. Please take the time to pass this on and try to donate as she starts a new trial on Monday.

I want to know the big news already!!

Gonna have to wait, I will post video updates starting in a few months. There is a team involved, and all I can say is I am VERY excited. xx

The things I find in the inbox after not checking in for a bit.

Let me just make a lot of you uncomfortable.

This is a blog that posts photos of females, as well as things that relate to alternative lifestyle, and subcultures.

So, anon, if anyone on here was born male, but they identify as female…they will be admired as a female on this blog.
Take your bullshit somewhere else. As this is a judgement free and drama free zone, this will be the first and last post I will ever make of this. You will see many more people speak about this in the upcoming interviews via video, this summer. I will never post an ask that is hateful, especially directed at anyone. Keep that to yourself. This is a safe zone…prick.